In the Dost dashboard, you can see an overview of the documents processed, a graph of the time optimized, a graph of the economic savings of using our software, and data on the types of documents


Those users registered in the DOST portal.

Yes, you can correct the data as you see fit. To learn how, please see the user guide on youtube.


Bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Automatically, every month or once a year it will arrive to the indicated email account. If you wish, you can also request that the invoice is automatically processed and the data is sent to your ERP.

Prices and plans

Yes, a free version is available in which you can process up to 50 invoices per month. Access it through registration.

It will depend on the volume of invoices you process in your company and the number of employees who manage these tasks. The maximum number of invoices you can process increases with each plan, as does the number of users available. However, please contact us at and our experts will advise you free of charge.

To continue uploading documents, you will need to upgrade your contracted plan with Dost. If you need support, please contact our consultants at

The enterprise plan is tailor-made according to the needs of the company. It is focused on giving the best possible service to a company that processes more than 500 invoices per month or that wants a complete customization of our Dost Digital Brain.


The Enterprise plan will assign a Dost project manager to the service contracting company, ensuring the correct implementation of the service and facilitating that any problem will be resolved with the highest priority. In addition, the volume of documents processed will be based on the company's needs.

Users and roles

For each company registered in DOST, 1 user can access the Basic plan, 2 users can access the Starter plan, and up to 4 users can access the PRO plan. In the Enterprise plan, the required users will be custom configured.

Editor and administrator permissions can be customized, where the former can only process documents and the latter can access the full Dost software panel.


The document upload activity of each user is recorded.

Documents and data

Easy: Take a picture or save it as a PDF.

Yes, you can add information by correcting the extracted fields. To learn how, please see the youtube user guide.


Yes, you can export documents in .csv format.

You can export the general information of the processed documents, a graph of the optimized time, the data in relation to the economic savings of using our software, and the classification of the types of processed documents.

Of course, you can delete any document that you have not yet processed and is erroneous.

If a document gives you an error, it will not be counted among the processed documents. You will have to try to upload it manually. As a last option, you can open a support ticket.

Any file in JPG, TIFF, PNG or PDF format will be read by our brain.


Our service is 8×5 during office hours. We will attend you through

Dost reads the information from your invoices or other documents, extracts all the necessary information, makes sense of this data so that it is ready for action. It allows you to delegate repetitive tasks to technology, where your digital brain takes an executive role.

All the information of the processed invoices can be found in your customer dashboard, where you can see the total number of invoices, optimized time, savings, and other metrics that will help you to keep an exhaustive follow-up.

If the customer has third-party software integration done, the Dost software is installed in minutes. If third party software has to be integrated, it can take up to a month.