SeedRocket held its 26th edition of the Entrepreneurs Campus, and on this occasion Dost could not miss it.

On Tuesday 30 November 2021, SeedRocket welcomed us along with 11 other selected projects, where we were able to enjoy workshops and mentoring sessions remotely.

SeedRocket’s network of mentors selected three winning startups, which had the chance to win different prizes valued up to €25,000, as well as enter the possibility of receiving up to €300,000 in funding from the accelerator’s investment network.

Among the finalists of this edition, we found different startups with a solid project still in the growth phase such as; Aitister, Bund, Clementine Take Good Care, Embat, Erasmus Play, Inkan, Palapala, Pamipe, Recovo, Sikvity, Zinkee.

Among these finalist startups, we came in second place! And what better way to celebrate it than with the Dost team and all our community.

We can proudly say that it was a very exciting and enriching edition, where we were able to meet these wonderful projects to which we wish all the luck in the world in their development.

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Barcelona, Spain –  September 26th 2021 – Dost, a leading technology company that is developing an intelligent process automation platform powered by Dost Digital Brain, today announced its induction into Microsoft for Startups, a global program dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of high-potential startups to enable growth at scale. As a program member, Dost will have exclusive access to Microsoft technology, mentorship and business support.

Dost is now helping Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and Finance managers of mid-size and large companies with high volume of incoming invoices to automate that process end-to-end and reduce human errors, time waste and delays, inefficiencies and money loss by leveraging Intelligent process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Dost’s vision is to create a Dost Digital Brain (DDB) that will have the capability to read, think, intuit and act like a human. We are creating Digital Co-workers which are powered by Dost Digital Brain and will enable the workforce to become more strategic and effective while fully automating operational, financial, and related processes.

Dost wants to democratize AI and automation and make digital co-workers accessible across organizations.

Dost will use Microsoft Azure’s stack and in particular Azure Cognitive and analytics services to reach a wide-scale audience in a short time, with built in redundancy and security.

“We’re honored to be among such a select group of companies from around the world chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups program, and we plan to leverage this amazing opportunity to its fullest,” said Adam Barbera, Founder & CEO of Dost  “Our participation in the program comes at a critical time for our company as we launch our Intelligent Process Automation-as-a-service solution to help CFO’s and Finance Managers to reduce human errors, the time processing incoming invoices and the inefficiencies in the process. Leveraging Microsoft’s innovative products and services on the Dost Digital Brain will elevate the value we deliver to our clients. Collaborating with Microsoft will support our growth into new markets and verticals worldwide”

“Dost’s mission is to tackle all areas, currently focusing in Accounts Payable departments, within an organization by delivering Digital Co-workers to address inefficiencies and empower employees to add more value and productivity in their organizations  is a great fit for the program.  We look forward to helping Dost deliver their innovative solution to our joint customers,” said Tom Davis, Senior Director at Microsoft for Startups. 

About Dost

Dost is an Intelligent Process Automation-as-a-service company leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation technologies to deliver Digital Co-workers powered by Dost Digital Brain as a service to its customers.

For more information, contact us to learn how your business can benefit from automation and artificial intelligence, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.