Intelligent automation for document processing in companies of all sizes

Completely automates the process of receiving and processing documents thanks to artificial intelligence.

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What can you do with Dost?


No need to update formats every time a document changes. Suitable for changing environments.


Reads, interprets and is able to identify errors in data. Knows whether the extracted data is correct or not.


Flexible, reliable, and doesn’t require your team to spend time setting up templates of any kind.


Automates processes where decisions must be made and alerts about unknown data.

Time reduction

Reduces task time up to 85%, does not carry over errors to the ERP, and reduces the cost of document processing.

Added value

Employ your workers in higher value tasks and multiplies your capacity to improve your products or service.

Business Case for vendor invoices

If you would like a business case of other types of documents, please contact us without obligation.

How does Dost work?

Connect data sources

Dost will integrate with your email, cloud storage, or document repository looking for documents to process. You can also upload your own documents to our secure platform.

Processes information

Dost reads the information in your documents, extracts all the necessary information, and makes sense of the data. Thanks to artificial intelligence it prepares it for action.

Automates data entry

We know that the power of information lies in the ability to share it. Dost prepares the information to be seamlessly included in your ERP. Approvals, corrections or the status of your documents up to date.

Automate processes in your company and forget about manual data entry

We automate the processing of documents such as supplier invoices in companies of any size, so that the employer or employee does not have to spend time or money to manually process these documents and enter the data into their ERP system.


«Since Lasecor was founded, we have always trusted in innovation as an enabler to improve our services. Thanks to Dost and their artificial intelligence we have improved the processes in our backoffice, reducing human error almost to zero and being more agile with our administrative tasks. Having a robust and trustable tool like Dost for such an important area in our company is a great competitive advantage that allows us to face with confidence our future growth.»

Julián Jímenez

Still have questions?

Discover Dost’s software firsthand, See the automation process that our software performs to process different types of documents from start to finish. Schedule a meeting with our team here!

Compare Dost with other software

Discover the differences between Dost and other functional document processing software.


Puedes conectar tu OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox o enviar datos a nuestra plataforma utilizando tu propia dirección de correo electrónico.

You can connect your OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or send data to our platform using your own dedicated Email address.

Dost reads information from your invoices or other documents, extracts all the necessary information, and makes sense of this data so that it is ready for action. It allows you to delegate repetitive tasks to technology, where Dost assumes an executive role.

All the information of the processed invoices can be found in your customer dashboard, where you can see the total number of invoices, optimized time, savings, and other metrics that will help you to keep an exhaustive follow-up.

If the customer has an ERP with an integration in our catalog, the Dost software should be configured and ready to be used in a few hours. In case of not having integration activated, it will depend on the resources provided by the customer for this purpose.

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