Intelligent automation to process supplier invoices for companies of all sizes

Our digital co-worker will help you to save time, eliminate manual errors when processing invoices and improve the efficiency of the process thanks to artificial Intelligence



Connect your data sources

Dost integrates with your email, cloud storage or documents repository, for invoices to be processed, or just upload your invoices to our secure platform

Dost works for you

Dost reads the relevant information from your invoices, extracts that information, makes sense of supplier invoices data thanks to artificial intelligence and prepares it to take actions, no need to configure and keep your OCR up to date anymore

Automates the data entry process to your ERP or accounting software

Dost knows that the extracted information is only valuable if it can be used by other systems e.g. your ERP system. This is why it prepares the data so that it can easily be included in your ERP system. Approvals, corrections or the status of your invoices are always up to date


AI and IPA are at the heart of Dost

Dost uses Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent process automation to extract data from your invoices, process them and automates them

Save time and money

Dost helps you to reduce the time and the cost of processing supplier invoices

Eliminate human error and inefficiencies

Dost minimizes human errors when entering data into your ERP and removes repetitive and inefficient tasks

Secure and plug-and play

Dost is a software as a service that does not require installation or maintenance and is hosted in the cloud complying with the most demanding and state of the art security practices

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What our Customers say

Julián Jiménez

Since Lasecor was founded, we have always trusted in innovation as an enabler to improve our services. Thanks to Dost and their artificial intelligence we have improved the processes in our backoffice, reducing human error almost to zero and being more agile with our administrative tasks. Having a robust and trustable tool like Dost for such an important area in our company is a great competitive advantage that allows us to face with confidence our future growth.

What our Customers say

Jouke Piepenbrink
General Manager
BCN Agroproducts

“Dost is not just a tool to reduce workload and get rid of the boring stuff, the really exciting part is that it enables us to improve internal processes to the last detail and make our company more agile, efficient and scalable resulting in higher overall satisfaction for all our stakeholders and lower expenses”

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    Dost automates the process of incoming supplier invoices

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