Coordinates document management between departments

It solves coordination problems between departments by unifying in one solution the reception of invoices, delivery notes, purchases or logistics.

Avoid errors in your excels

Eliminates human error in documents passing through different departments

Apply quality processes in your company and process thousands of documents with a small team. Prevent your company's departments from receiving documents with errors.

Automates interdepartmental document processing

How will it help me to improve processes in my company?

Process autonomously

Discover the power of process automation applied to your business. 

Identifies and reviews values

Detects data not provided in the documents, reading errors and possible fraud thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Optimize time

Analyses the optimized time derived from process optimization. Shifts the role of the worker towards a more strategic and less executive task.

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Automate from the receipt of an invoice in your email, to the data entry in your business manager. The tool that frees you from repetitive tasks.

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