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Case Study 03
Automotive dealership reduces administrative costs by 90.4% thanks to Dost

A mid-range car dealership located in Barcelona, has a turnover of approximately €80,000 clean per year. They have two stores in the city of Barcelona, with two employees in charge of processing company documents.

The two dealers receive 500 invoices per month. Between the two workers, they must take care of the company's invoice processing and ensure that there are no invoice processing errors. It is very important that the numbers add up between the two dealerships in order to be able to keep an exhaustive control of the company's cash flow, taking into account that there are two stores.

At dealership X, they have tested different software based on OCR technology. This technology has not worked for them so far because it did not have integration to the ERP software in more than one user.

The situation in the company was as follows: one dealer had an OCR that processed data with a high error rate and entered it into the ERP, while the other dealer had only the bad OCR data processing, with no option to be entered into the ERP.

At Company X, they needed software that could process invoice data correctly, that was linked to the ERP and that offered a unified dashboard with the option to create different profiles for different employees.

We proposed them to develop two profiles in the Dost dashboard with unified access to the same ERP of the company, where through a digital brain, all processed invoices were automatically entered into the ERP.

This way, the company does not have to worry about reviewing conventional OCR data processing and has the ERP integration working in both dealerships.

In X, the monthly cost to perform this type of tasks was 2,100 € and after the installation of the software, the monthly cost was reduced by 81%, saving a total of 20,400 € per year.

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