Collect and process your invoices automatically ensuring error-free execution

Dost helps companies' accounts payable teams to minimize processing time and human errors when handling supplier invoices.

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Start to revolutionize Accounts Payable Automation with Dost

Our solution automates data entry, reduces errors, and streamlines the supplier invoice process. It provides accurate data, digital processes, and better visibility into vendor spending, allowing for improved accounts payable management.

Receive invoices easily

Dost removes the need for manual data entry minimizing the risk of errors, making it faster to collect supplier invoices.

Extract Data

Dost analyzes all types of invoices, extracts valuable data and efficiently processes the information making it ready for utilization and further action.

Define Approval Workflows

With Dost, you have the ability to create approval workflows tailored to each vendor, reducing manual effort and saving time.

Connect to any ERP

Dost help you to centralize your data management by seamlessly connecting with major ERPs and enabling smooth data transfer.

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Small Accounting Teams

See how Dost AI saves hours on data entry and reduces human-errors. For individuals, small teams and growing businesses.


Discover the benefits of Dost AI for larger and collaborative teams, and for big companies with custom needs.

A smarter way to manage supplier invoices and related processes

Say goodbye to manually transferring invoice data from one source to another. We'll take care of extracting the information you need from incoming invoices and automatically send it to any software you choose, helping you save time and money.

Automated Invoice Processing

Dost eliminates manual data entry and reduces mistakes, speeding up collecting, checking, and organizing supplier invoices. It also provides better data, digital steps, and a clearer view of vendor spending, giving you better control over accounts payable.

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How does Dost fully automate accounts payable processing?

Unlike other technologies, Dost works autonomously, without the need for attention from any member of the company. The information extraction process consists of three steps: connecting to the data source, extracting the information and entering the data into the ERP. AP automation is the answer.

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Get quality data, digitize processes, and gain visibility on vendor spending habits

Receive invoices easily

Dost will connect with your email, cloud storage, or document site to find documents to process. You can also add your own documents to our secure platform.

Process Information

Dost reads the information in your documents, extracts all the necessary information, makes sense of the data thanks to artificial intelligence and finally prepares it for action.

Automate data entry

We know that the power of information lies in the ability to share it. Dost prepares the information to be seamlessly included in your ERP. Approvals, corrections or the status of your documents up to date.

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"Since Lasecor was founded, we have always relied on innovation as an enabler to improve our services. Thanks to Dost and its artificial intelligence we have improved our accounts payable processes, reducing human error to almost zero and being more agile with our administrative tasks. Having a robust and reliable tool like Dost for such an important area in our company like accounts payable, is a great competitive advantage that allows us to face our future growth with guarantees."

Julián Jimenez, CEO of Lasercor

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