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Save time and reduce mistakes with Dost for accounts payable teams at mid-sized companies

A smarter way to manage supplier invoices and related processes

Dost helps accounts payable teams in the mid-sized companies to process supplier invoices efficiently. Quality data extraction using AI allows Dost to provide a better visibility on vendors spend.

Extract useful data

Forget about templates and proofreading documents. Processing documents has never been so easy.

Save time and money

Get your team to forget about repetitive tasks and save company resources.

Forget typing manually

Forget about manually entering data thanks to intelligent process automation.


Access your dashboard and monitor processing at all times

Customized dashboard

We have developed a portal with all the information you need to keep up to date with everything that is being processed in your company. Analyze different metrics based on cost savings in your company, optimized time derived from document processing and much more.


Optimize time

Analyses the optimized time derived from process optimization. Shifts the role of the worker towards a more strategic and less executive task.


Costs saved

Save company costs and divert resources to valuable activities that allow you to scale your business.


Documents processed

Displays the status of each document, Dost's uptime, document type and total number of documents processed.

Streamline Accounts Payable Processes

Dost removes the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors, making it faster to collect, check and organize supplier invoices.

Wherever you are, Dost works for you

Dost always keeps up to date

We use Artificial Intelligence, which we can relate to a digital brain that works autonomously. On the other hand, we coordinate it with IPA, intelligent process processing. Both technologies combined can solve the problem that an OCR does not cover.

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