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Increase the margin of your business by controlling costs
in document processing

The tool that frees you from repetitive tasks

Automate from receipt to processing of your documents

Discover the power of process automation applied to your business. Take advantage of existing technology to save resources and reduce the costs of inefficient tasks.

It processes autonomously

Discover the power of process automation applied to your business. 

Saves time and money

It reduces the time and cost of processing supplier invoices and other documents, minimizing human error.

Control the status of your documents

Check the processing status of your documents on your personalized dashboard.

The evolution of OCR

No processing errors and the security of Artificial Intelligence.

Access your dashboard and monitor processing at all times.

Customized control centre

We have developed a portal with all the information you need to keep up to date with everything that is being processed in your company. Analyze different metrics based on cost savings in your company, optimized time derived from document processing and much more.

Optimized time

Analyses the optimized time derived from process optimization. Shifts the role of the worker towards a more strategic and less executive task.

Costs saved

Save company costs and divert resources to valuable activities that allow you to scale your business.

Number of documents processed

Displays the status of each document, Dost's uptime, document type and total number of documents processed.

Advantages of Dost over other software

A software that stands out for its hit rate

The technology is used in a totally unattended manner, with an interface designed for end-users, not technologically savvy ones, and with a continuously improving algorithm that makes each new document read more accurate.

A leap in quality compared to an OCR

We are characterized by having software that is fully updated and trained in the processes of our clients.

Integration of third party software

Automate to the maximum the processes in your company with the different integrations to data sources and final ERPs or accounting software.

Different plans designed for your company

Technology processes the data, people isolate the results and apply surplus resources to valuable tasks. Decide how many documents to process with Dost's plans.

Invoice page

Wherever you are, Dost works for you.

Dost always keeps up to date

We use Artificial Intelligence, which we can relate to a digital brain that works autonomously. On the other hand, we coordinate it with IPA, intelligent process processing. Both technologies combined can solve the problem that an OCR does not cover.

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